Grandmother Fish

Creating a child's first book of evolution

preview of Grandmother Fish

It’s easier to show people the book than to explain it, so above is a link to a preview. Enjoy. The text is continually changing as I respond to comments from people who are reading the book to children. 

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new prototype

Today I got some feedback that clarified my thinking and that gave me a way to use a lot of related feedback that I’ve been getting on Grandmother Fish. The feedback prompted me to make substantial changes to the text. Meanwhile, I’ve finished a better draft of the science notes at the end of the book and improved the graphics on most of the pages. It’s the biggest change to the prototype since i first posted it.

If you have already seen the prototype of Grandmother Fish, it’s different now and worth taking a second look at.

If you haven’t seen the prototype, I’m looking for fresh eyes who can review it without being biased by its earlier format. And I’m especially looking for people who can read the book to 1-, 2-, and 3-year olds. Contact me if that sounds like fun. 

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thanks for your support

The reactions I’m getting from friends and strangers are telling me that I’m onto something with Grandmother Fish. People say that it’s a book that should exist, and the concept is so simple that readers get it immediately. At this point, I’m reaching outside my professional circle and relying on the good will of strangers to help get the word out. The response has been positive. The more responses I get, the easier it is to reach out to more people. With Grandmother Fish, my efforts are part of a larger cause, and people are happy to help.